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Band - Ruben Remus

{G} Wrote a letter this mornin',
Put it in your hat,
'Cause no one to read it
And I know you knew that.
{F} I bought a joke, {G} a trick or two,
{C}Just to {C/B} bring and {Am}show {Am/G}you,
{F} Caught ya with the {G} trickster too.
{C} Sometimes I {C/B} wonder {Am} how ya {Am/G} knew
{Am} A hypnotist, fancytalker,
Ruben Remus ain't no doctor {C Bb F C}

I knew the man and tried to remember
Just where it was that I'd seen his face.
Long ago, in a movie show,
He was like that man singin' bass.

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