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Band - Katie's Been Gone

(a) katie's been gone (g#m) since the spring time;
(f#m) she wrote one time'n (b7) sent her love
(a) katie's been gone for (g#m) such a long time now.
(f#m) i wonder what kind of love she's (b7) thinkin' of.

(a) dear katie,
(e) if you can hear me,
(a) i can't wait to (e) have ya near me.

(a) oh, katie, since ya (e) caught that bus,
Well, i (bm) just don't know how things (c#m) are with us.
(d) i'm still here and (e7) you're out there.

Katie laughed when i said i was lonely.
She said, there's no need...

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