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Katey Sagal - Act Of Faith

Co-old is my hear-eart, fi-illed with loneline-ess
I don't wanna fee-eel this empty roo-oo-oom
Or feel alone agai-ain
But I must rememeber-er this
I ha-ave no crysta-al ba-all
I can see the o-other side of the wa-a-all
Let me be fi-illed with faith again

(See things slippin' away)
See-ee things slippin' away
(See things slippin' away)
I don't know if I should laugh or-or cry-y
(See things slippin' away)
It's a simple act of faith, si-imple act, simple act of fai-ai-ai-aith

Oh the spiritual world, is...

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