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Jonathan Brandmeier - Mick Jagger

(Jonathon Brandmeier/Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)(To the tune of "Brown Sugar")Well, hey Mr. JaggerWon't you play some tunesOut here in the desertIn the land of the loonsThis ain't L.A. but we are just as hipIf you don't show we'll give ya fatter lipsYeah!CHORUSOh, Mick JaggerWhat makes your lips so big?Mick Jagger,Come down to Phoenix to singWell you can really get down with Mesa Mormon girlsSpend the night partying down in Leisure WorldGo to Sun City if you really wannaYou and the Stones could do some PorcelanaCHORUSWell now listen Mr. Jagger to what I've just saidCuz you're almost forty and...

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