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Jermaine Dupri - Sweetheart

(feat. Mariah Carey)

[Answering Machine: Tuesday, 7:56 P.M.]
[Girl:] What's up, Jermaine? I miss you.
[JD:] Mmm.
[Girl:] Do me a favor. Tell your friends you're not going out tonight.
I got a little bit of that Cristal, some of that Yak.
And, oh. Better yet, I got on what you like to see in the most.
[JD:] Word!
[Girl:] So, we're fucking tonight.
[JD:] Ha, ha, ha. For sure. Ha, ha.

[JD - Verse 1]
Uh, ha
What you thinkin' about?
You and me baby goin' one-on-one (say what)
JD y'all (uh huh, So So...

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