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Hoodratz - Ying Yang In This Thang

[Chorus 1]
Get to the floor, aint no time run
Ying Yang in this thang, let me ya twurk sum' - (repeat 2X)

[Chorus 2]
Ying Yang in this thang, (Ying Yang) - (repeat 4X)

[Chorus 3]
Pop that pussy like you suppose to to
Shack that ass like it - that's for Lou
Like 2 Pac all eyes on you
Make a nigga horny like 2 Live Crew

[Verse 1]
Hoes get crunk for cheese, damn skippy
Like the bar kays and pay the little whippy
In they jazzy T's, bitches on they knees
Tryna make a nigga pay they...

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