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Bob Marley - Blackman Redemption

Woy-a, Natty Congo:
A Dreadlock Congo I!
Woy-a, Natty Congo:
A Blackman Redemption! Woy-yo, yo-oo-wo-oo!
A Blackman Redemption! Woy-yo, wo-oo-wo-oo!

No need - no need to get jumpy;
No need and-a no need to get bumpy,
And-a no need - and-a no need to get bumpy;
No nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-need to get jumpy!

Youth and youth agree to:
Cool runnings; can you dig it?
Cool runnings; yeah, one more time! A-beg ya:
Cool runnings; can you stop it?
Cool runnings:
Spread out, spread out,
Spread out,...

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