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Adam Sandler - Right Field

Performed by Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Tim Herlihy, and Steve Koren

Russel: [Shouting] ";Come on Robert! Pitch it in there, baby! We're behind you here in right field! One down! Two to go! Hum it now! Yeah! Show 'em the magic! This chump can't hit!";
[Whispering to himself] ";Please God, don't help him hit it to me. Anywhere but to right field. Please God, I bet you.";
[Shouting] ";Come on now! No batter! No batter! Big whiffer! Big whiffer!";
[Whispering] ";Oh please, don't let him hit it to me. My God, not to me.";
[Shouting] ";Steam it baby!...

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