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Abdoujaparov - Abdoujaparov (Theme Song)

He's a dangerous man from Uzbeckistan
He is the Tashkent Terror and I can't say fairer
And he don't give a fuck coz he took too many drugs (allegedly)
And I miss him very much, so we try to keep in touch

(Ab-dou-jap-a-rov, Ab-dou-jap-a-rov, Ab-dou-jap-a-rov, Ab-dou-jap-a-rov)
(Ab-dou-jap-a-rov, Ab-dou-jap-a-rov, Ab-dou-jap-a-rov, Ab-dou-jap-a-rov)

So heres my band with a great new sound
And we carry his name for a brand new fame
We sing it fom our knees and we sing it from the trees
And you know you won't renounce it, coz you...

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