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Company Flow - Lune TNS

[Bigg Jus]
Yo word the fuck up this is for.. (DJ Mr. Len)
the motherfuckin (El-P) undisputed (Stylemaster)
CoFlow (Phase 2) Bigg Jus (yo check it)

The elevated trainline of the day linin the A
Where I first encountered the likes of Baby168
Stan, Iz the Wiz, K56, T.K.A.
Kingpin throwups and way back then was Abe
who watched us all rippin all loud up on the inside no E
As I progressed to the 7 yard, early Johnny D
Caine, Officer147, C.R.A.
Fuzz, Comet, Blade, Ajax and Angelduster
Cuttin school with Roman,...

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