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CIA - Ill-legal

[ Dr. Dre ]
Ah yeah
Right about now C.I.A. is in effect
My name is Dr. Dre their producer
And we gon' cold get retarted
A little somethin like this

[ Kid Dee ]
All the guys act eerie (why?) I don't know
Cause I am Darryl (but I'm not Joe)
[ Ice Cube ]
Posse 1 to the mic, Ice Cube (that's you)
[ Kid Dee ]
(Kid Dee) that's me, I'm Posse 2
[ Ice Cube ]
Sir Jinx is without a doubt Posse 3
3rd to the cut, boy, evidently
[ Kid Dee ]
Funky fresh, freshly-funky Kid Dee is...

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