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Chipmunks - Alvin's Harmonica

Note: David Seville is D, Alvin is A, Simon is S, Theodore is T,
and the Chipmunks are C

D:Alvin, put that harmonica down.
D:Because we're gonna sing, that's why.
A:Not again!
D:Never mind. Now look fellas, this is a pretty song so let's try not
to goof it up. Are you ready, Simon?
S:Sure, let's go.
D:All set, Theodore?
T:Hot dog, you bet!
D:Are you ready, Alvin? Ready, Alvin? ALVIN!!
A:Aw, nuts!
C:We sure like girls all kind of girls
From Anie to Veronica
We like them small or fat or...

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