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Adam Sandler - I'm So Wasted

[Sound of crickets. Guy walks across grass]
[Joe:] "Hey pal! How ya doin?"
[M2:] "I'm so wasted, man."
[Joe:] "Yeah, you are, oh ho ho!"
[M2:] "Thanks man."
[Joe:] "It's good party, huh?"
[M2:] "Oh, it's great man."
[Joe:] "Hey that's some good acid, huh?"
[M2:] "Oh, killer man."
[Joe:] "Hey, my pleasure."
[M2:] "I've never been higher."
[Joe:] "Oh ho, you must be freaking out."
[M2:] "Acid's great man."
[Joe:] "It's the best."
[M2:] "Everytime I do acid man, I'm so high."
[Joe:] "Yeah, oh, you must be...

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