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Arlo Guthrie - Abiyoyo

Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo, Abiyoyo
Abiyoyo, yoyoyo, yoyoyo

Once upon a time there was a little boy who
played the ukelele. He'd go around town,
'Blmp, blmp, blmp, blmp, blmp, blmp, blmp,
bImp blmp blmp, blmp blmp, blmp!'
Grown-ups said ""Get that thing out of here!""

Not only that, the boy's father was a gettin'
in trouble. He was a magician. He had a
magic wand. He could go 'Zoop! Zoop!' make
things disappear. But the father played too
many tricks on people. Somebody doing a
hard job of work,...

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