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Royce Da 5'9'' - I'm Da King 03'

5'9! I'm the King!
I1! Kylla Czson, K-Performances
Mufucka-Game-Da Cal-We Da Kings

[Da Hook1]R59
Imma rhyme til I can't rhyme no more
Burn til I can't burn no more
Shine til there's no shine no more
Til the earth can't turn no more
Until I'm 5'9 no nore (I'm the king!) (2x)

[Da Knowledge1]R59
Ya'll niggaz is real cocky on the street
Til I drop you on ya knees
Knock you on ya feet, I'm like Rocky on the reach
I rain while you hope to sustain dope in this game
Somethin' you...

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