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Product G&B - Every Little Girl

[Big Pun]
Yo yo Angie, come downstairs, the pub is open
Hurry up ma! Put your socks, put your slippers on!
C'mon ma hurry! (Alright then, I got it)

[The Product G&B]
Oooohhh Angie..
Ooo-whoaaaa, yeahhh..
Oooh yeah hooooo whoahhhh, ohhh-ye ohhhhh-yeah

[Angie Martinez]
Uh, yeah (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Uh (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Uh-uh-uh uh-ah uh-ah-uh-ah
I started in Brooklyn, comin up in the game
Everybody has a story mine wasn't the same
Angela, delinquent, I thought I was grown
I went...

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