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Nicole Cooper - Knock On Wood

I-I don't wanna lose you, this good thing, that I go-ot
Well if I do, I-I would surely, surely lose a lot
'Cause your lo-ove is better, than any love I know-ow-ow
It's like thunder, lightning, the way you love me is frightening
You better knock, oh knock-knock, on woo-ood, baby
Ooh-hooh-hooh-hooh-hooh-ooh, baby
Ooh-hooh-hooh-hooh-hooh-ooh-ooh, wooh

I'm not superstitious about ya, but I can't take no cha-a-a-ance
Your love has me spinning baby, you know that I'm in a trance
'Cause your lo-ove is better, than any lo-ove I-I know
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