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N.O.R.E. - Oye Mi Canto (remix)

f/ Daddy Yankee, Nina Sky, Gem Star, Big Mato

If You Latino Right Now Stand The Fuck Up!!!

Alive...(Alive We Comin' Up!)
Nina Sky...(Whos This?)
N.O.R.E, Da-ddy Yan-kee
Gem Star...(Gem Star) Big Nato..(Big Nato)

What U Say?

Boriqua (HA!) Morena (HA!) Dominicano (HA!) Colombiano (HA!)
Boriqua (HA!) Morena (HA!) Cubano (HA!) Mexicano (HA!)
Oye Mi Canto

You See This Is What Whey Want,
They Want Reggaeton,

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