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Imperator - Eternal Might

Magabathi-Ya Nanna Kanpa!
Ia Athzothtu! Ia Angaku! Ia Zi Nebo!
Rabbmi Lo-Yak Zi Ishtari Kanpa!
Zi Shta! Zi Daraku! Zi Belurduk!
Ia Nergal-Ya! Ia Zi Annga Kanpa!
Ia Marrutukku! Suhrim Suhgurim!
Bel Zi Exa Exa!
Ia Mass Ssaratu! Tu Zzu!
Ia Mass Ssaratu! Tu Zzu!
Ia Mass Ssaratu! Tu Zzu!
The voices of the rites of ancient Sumer
Are deeply summoning in immortal minds
The abyss of knowledge is open and close
It's path to perfection but not to be sought
For therein lies the truth Death,
The ocean of wisdom, the...

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