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Ill Al Skratch - I'll Take Her

featuring Brian McKnight

"Looked her up and down, said hmm I'll take her"
--> Parrish Smith {*1}

[BM] Hoooooooo-ooh! {*1}
[BM] I'll take her.. {*1}
[BM] Hoooooooo-ooh! {*1}
[BM] I'll take her..
[BM] Oooooooh-ooooh-oohh, ohhh yeahhhh {*1}

Verse One: Al Skratch

Yeah, it's Al Skratch, that real smooth brother
The undercover lover makin moves on your mother
If I have to, it's only natural, that I rap to
any girl walkin through my hood if she's lookin good
And if she's somethin fine,...

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