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Freddy Fingers Lee - Boogie Woogie Fred

Back up in the town where I come from
There's a one-eyed boogie boy playing up a storm
He lays it hot, he lays it high
And when he gets a-rockin', he's a-rockin' all night
'Cause it's a-Boogie Woogie Fred layin' it down
Boogie Woogie Fred from Durran Town
Boogie Woogie Fred, sure delight
A-rockin' and a-boppin' on a Saturday night

So, I rocked on down to London
And I played that boogie down
Well, I played it high, I played it low
They said, that one-eyed boogie boy's really gotta go
'Cause it's a-Boogie Woogie Fred...

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